Holiday Celebration Gift Stacker

The most delicious treats and savory snacks!
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Holiday Celebration Gift Stacker

A treasure of holiday delights awaits with our Holiday Celebration Gift Stacker. An appreciated gift, these gourmet goodies are the perfect pre-dinner snacks to make a busy entertaining season easy.

Holiday Celebration Gift Stacker

Nyakers Gingersnaps are the perfect mix of sweet and spicy. Great with a cup of hot cider.

Reid's Chocolate Covered Pecans are next--rich, decadent pecans coated in a velvety layer of chocolate to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Reid's Celebration Crunch combines nuts, seeds, and candy for a sweet and salty treat.

The final item in our stack is Piedmont Pennies Cheese Bites. Bite-sized morsels that will melt in your mouth.

A beautiful mix of butter and cheese made from simple, local ingredients-just like you baked them yourself!

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