South Carolina Gift Basket

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South Carolina Gift Basket

There's nothing quite like the treats from South Carolina, and our South Carolina gift basket is full of the best! This basket is a treasure trove of beloved classics sourced from some of South Carolina's favorite local vendors.

Inside, you'll find an array of unique comfort treats that embody the true spirit of South Carolina, such as Young's Praline Pecans (6 oz. box), Reid's Five O'clock Crunch (5 oz. box), Charleston Carolina Mint Tea, Savory the Flavor Garlic Grits, Young's Mini Pecan Pie, and Carolina Savory Mix (5 oz. jar). It's a quintessential Southern experience!

Whether you're looking for a taste of South Carolina or simply want to make an impression with a fun gift basket, there's no need to wait for a special occasion to enjoy these delectable snacks.

The South Carolina Gift Basket strikes the perfect balance between sweet and savory Southern treats, making it an ideal gift for anyone.

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