North Carolina Gift Basket

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North Carolina Gift Basket

The North Carolina gift basket is specifically designed for those wanting sweet treats from local vendors. This basket is great for housewarming parties, a corporate thank you basket, or simply acknowledging your bestie with a sweet tooth.

This basket contains a variety of products from Reid's specialties to local vendors including Reid's Classic Cheese Straws (4 oz. box), Reid's Chocolate Chip Cookies (2 oz. bag), Reid's Chocolate Covered Pecans (8 oz.), Dewey's Moravian Cookies (4.5 oz. tube), Chapel Hill Toffee (2 oz.), and Reid's Five O'clock Crunch (2.5 oz. bag). Chocoholics will without-a-doubt love this basket.

Whether you live in Charlotte or elsewhere in the U.S, the North Carolina gift basket is the perfect cultivated taste of the state. Give it to your friends, boss, or order it for yourself to get some sweet and savory treats from the South.

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