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Specialty Gift Baskets

Specialty Gift Baskets

Reid's specialty gift baskets are a great way to say congratulations, thank you, or celebrate any significant milestone.

We offer delicious local treats made with quality ingredients and superior taste.

When a celebration is in order, our congratulations gift baskets are the perfect gift. Seasoned Pretzels, Young's Roasted and salted pecans, Popcorn Mix, Reid's Chocolate Cookies, and one of our favorites, Reid's Hot Cheese Straws.

Our cheese straws are made with sharp cheddar, real butter, and a kick of cayenne. Key lime buds and rosemary caramels add to the mix. This gift basket offers a large variety of specialty products that come together to spell "celebration!"

Pop open some bubbly with our Celebration Champagne gift basket or Something Special Gift Basket. Our large variety of specialty gift baskets make gift-giving easy.

Everyone loves to be appreciated and acknowledged. Our thank you gift basket is the perfect way to show your gratitude.

A beautiful basket filled with Reid's 5 O'clock Crunch, salted peanuts, and our classic cheese straws. We include toffee, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and lemon Buds for the sweet tooth.

Snack time becomes an event with our snack lover gift basket. This generous gift basket has double the fun!

The snack lover gift basket is filled to the brim with two of everything to feed a crowd. Reid's Five O'clock Crunch, Hubs Salted Peanuts, and Dewey's Moravian Sugar Cookies are packed alongside a large selection of other Southern gourmet foods.

Reid's specialty gift baskets make it easy to elevate your gift-giving with unique product offerings that showcase their Southern charm. Delicious local treats that everyone will love!

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