Reid's Stacker

Reid's best sellers stacked into a a beautiful gift. The most delicious treats and savory snacks like Reid's Chocolate Chip Cookies, Reid's 5 O'Clock Crunch and Reid's Chocolate Covered Pecans.
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Reid's Chocolate Covered Pecans 9 oz. Acrylic- Roasted pecan halves that are double coated with milk chocolate for a deliciously superb treat!

Reid's Five O'clock Crunch 14 oz. Can- A popular honey cheddar mix includes honey-roasted peanuts, cheddar cheese crackers, chili-lemon corn sticks, honey-roasted sesame sticks, honey mustard pretzel sticks, and salted corn chips with flax seed. Shelf life is approximately 1 year (unopened).

Reid's Chocolate Chip Cookies 10 oz. Jar- The perfect snack to satisfy a sweet tooth. Filled with buttery perfection and gourmet chocolate chips. Topped with a beautiful bow.

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